eBA's Value

It benefits your bottom-line

  • eBA reduces your operational costs

    Printing, shipping, and storage costs are eliminated because process related data and documents can be digitized and archived with eBA. Automation of manual processes improves productivity and reduces time spent on non-strategic tasks. And IT costs are lowered through minimizing database growth, increasing resource efficiency, and reducing legacy hardware and maintenance costs.

  • eBA accelerates your processes

    By providing you with automated, rule-based decisions and associated tasks, approvals and notifications - so you can focus on your strategic objectives, not operational tasks.

  • eBA improves your productivity

    Because it allows content to be delivered to the right people at the right time on the right device in the right format.

  • eBA reduces risk and strengthens compliance

    By allowing you to control access to content, maintain audit trails and histories, and automate the disposition of content based on consistent policies. It provides in-depth records management functionality so you can fully document and manage the lifecycle of your enterprise content.

  • eBA improves customer service

    eBA gives you faster and easier ways to create forms for your business processes, enables real-time visibility into the status of workflows and approvals and with its powerful search capabilities quickly connects users to relevant content.

It integrates with everything

eBA complements investments in your existing database driven enterprise applications by easily communicating with them through its embodied connector infrastructure. For example, easily use structured data from your operational systems in your eBA workflows and forms without writing code, and allows you to contextualize this structured data with unstructured data from various different origins.

Whether you use SAP, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, Excel or any other database-driven application, eBA talks nicely to them all.

It’s ready for every process

Whether you are in HR, Sales, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Procurement, Service, Finance, R&D/Engineering, Supply Chain or Administration, documents, emails, spreadsheets, proposals and presentations are created faster than you can count them. eBA has a use-case for every line of business and many processes within. It integrates unstructured content with people, flows and actions and with structured content residing in your LoB applications.

It’s a unified platform

eBA is a single platform that provides the full array of rich ECM functionality. The unified architecture of eBA ensures all ECM applications can be deployed on the same platform, with one code-base and interface, enabling effective content reuse and simple upgrades, maintenance, and training.

It’s everywhere

eBA can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and accessed from any device either through responsive web-browser or with native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. So you can take action, delegate, check-in on process status or find the content you need to make great smart decisions - anytime, anywhere.